February 14, 2022

Good afternoon,  

In positive news, the statewide Pandemic Code Brown was lifted at midday today, as the numbers of COVID cases in the community, hospitalisations and healthcare care workers furloughed continues to decline.  

There are currently 35 inpatients at Western Health, just over 100 staff furloughed and 196 patients in our community monitoring programs.   

Thank you for all of your efforts over the past four weeks. The expertise, commitment and ability of our staff to come together to respond to the challenges has been greatly appreciated.   

The Western Health Incident Management Team that was established as part of the Code Brown process was stood down today at midday.  We will now continue to plan for the gradual resumption of elective surgery as we continue to meet the changing demands of our community. 

Today I also want to share some great feedback from Victorian COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar, who visited the Western Public Health Unit (WPHU) and Sunshine Hospital today and also made an impromptu appearance at our daily leadership meeting, as he wanted to thank the entire team at Western Health for your incredible commitment over the past two years.  

“I wanted to take this opportunity to come in and say hello, thank you, and well done, and keep up the amazing work,” Mr Weimar said.  

“The West really has been the absolute frontline, the fire front, (throughout COVID) but it’s also seen some of the most creative and dedicated work.” 

Finally, the first deadline for the mandatory third (booster) dose of a COVID vaccine passed over the weekend. A huge thank-you to staff who have provided us with the evidence to meet the requirements of the Pandemic Order.  

There is only a very small number of staff who have not yet provided either the evidence of being vaccinated, a medical exemption or a booking prior to 12 March 2022. These staff are being contacted to ensure that they meet the requirements to allow them to continue to work. 

The second deadline on 29 March 2022 for our staff that became eligible to receive the third dose after 12 January will be here in no time. If you are due to have received a booster by this date and have yet to do so, you are strongly encouraged to do this as soon as possible. Find more information here. 



Executive Director Operations (Acting)