True Western

A number of podcasts have been released by Western Health during the COVID pandemic and recently we commenced a new series, which we will continue beyond the pandemic as well. It is called True Western and we have released just the first episode to date, but more will follow.

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Kindness Matters podcast series

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Connection to our work, colleagues, family and friends is more important than ever. In this podcaast, hear personal reflections from some of your colleagues at Western Health. You’ll also hear the voices of the important people in their lives outside work.

(There are some laugh out loud moments in these episodes!)

You can listen on  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Subscribe on Android, Cast Box, Pocket Casts or search for “Kindness Matters, Western Health” wherever you get your podcasts. Please share the episodes with your colleagues and friends.


Episode 1. The struggle juggle – COVID prep plus three kids

It’s a hectic household any day of the week at the home of Claire Moody and her three children, Frankie, 8, Floyd, 6 and Alba, 3. But it got a whole lot crazier when Claire had to switch from half time to more than full time overnight to support us here at Western Health as we prepared for COVID-19. Claire is a senior communications adviser on clinical projects and has been carrying some heavy responsibilities while our planning has been underway.

In this episode, we hear from Claire about her “struggle juggle” but trust me, you will also want to stay around to hear from her gorgeous children and what they have to say about their Mum!

Episode 2. Staying positive – “But not in the COVID sense”!

Eating all of the carbs  and pulling out memes – these are just two  of the strategies that radiographer Michael and pharmacist on our Sunshine COVID ward, Paree, are using to survive the strange times that are preparing for a pandemic and its impact on our hospitals. Both work at Sunshine Hospital.

In this episode, we hear from Michael and Paree, but also Michael’s girlfriend, Sonya and Paree’s friend, Ruzana, about their experience – from the other side as they see those they care about, prepare for what might lie ahead.

Episode 3“Here for a reason – across the generations”

A genuine commitment to providing the very best care for the community creates a clear drive and motivation for Natasha Toohey in the demanding and often unpredictable role of Executive Director Operations at Western Health.

Strong values and a passion for baking are shared through the family which you’ll hear when we meet Natasha’s grandmother Valerie and her two sons Hugo, 12 and Oscar, 9.

Across the generations, they’ve inspired each other to work hard, embrace opportunities and make a positive difference.

LATEST- Episode 4“A nurse’s heart transforms education”

A nurse-shaped hole in her heart drew Sandy Schutte back into health. Every decision she makes is guided by the question marked on her barometer – ‘Is the care good enough for my family?’ For Sandy, education is a vehicle for transformation, and that starts with her own team where she aims to give them wings to fly by finding their “giftings”.

In this episode you’ll meet Sandy’s daughter Kerryn, who shares the impact of watching her mum support families in need, and you’ll hear the words of Sandy’s father Graham who shares a passion for learning.

The Unifying Call

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COVID Catch-Ups

Russell is catching up with small groups of staff in audio recordings known as COVID Catch-Ups. Here are the available episodes but more are being uploaded regularly.