Our COVID Media Coverage

12 October 2020

The ABC’s 7.30 Program Interviews Staff in Sunshine Emergency Department


11 October 2020

Western Health’s Aged Care Liaison Team – Sunday Age


09 October 2020

Hospital boosted by special hood – Sunraysia Daily, Mildura


24 September 2020

Western Health’s COVID-Testing Team at the Showgrounds – Nine News

22 September 2020

Sunshine Hospital COVID patient’s recovery after ICU treatment – Star Weekly

JKWC Baby Boom during COVID


20 September 2020

Footscray ED Director Ainslie Senz interviewed by Sunday Age


16 September 2020

Western Health’s Aged Care Liaison and ED Teams on the 7.30 Program


11 September 2020

The Age story on COVID-19 cases that may be linked to the behaviour of confused patients

Physio Nina Leggett interviewed by SBS online on the recovery of COVID-19 patients


10 September 2020

Story on the Today Show about JKWC’s record month of births in August


6 September 2020

The role of Western Health Physiotherapists in the recovery of COVID patients in the Sunday Age


4 September 2020

Dr Ainslie Senz, Director of Footscray ED, interviewed live on the Today Show

Dr Marion Kainer interviewed on ABC News


28 August 2020

Dr Clare White interview on ABC Radio National with Hamish Macdonald


25 August 2020

Sally Guo and Lena Pejcinovski in Star Weekly Story ‘On the front line of virus fight’ 


22 August 2020

ICU consultant Dr James Douglas part of Sunday Age feature about COVID ‘frontline’ staff


21 August 2020

Dr Jesse Zanker/aged care liaison team on Channel 7’s Sunrise program


20 August 2020

Research nurse Miriam Towns interviewed on Nine News, as part of story on plasma trial


18 August 2020

Footscray ICU patient Tina Dina in Herald Sun

Dr John Mulder interviewed for A Current Affair


17 August 2020

ABC 7.30 Report on Aged Care Liaison Team supporting residential care in the community

ABC News Post on Above Story


14 August 2020

Dr John Mulder in The Age article on COVID-related deaths


10 August 2020

Marion Kainer interviewed on 7.30 program about researchers’ increasing knowledge about COVID


9 August 2020

Grad nurse and midwife Beth Mazzarella interviewed by ABC (TV and online) about challenges/highlights of starting career during pandemic


30 July 2020

Sam Bates and Dr John Mulder interviewed by ABC 7.30 on the COVID crisis experience in Footscray and Sunshine Intensive Care Units

Dr Marion Kainer interviewed with Norman Swan on the ABC’s Coronavirus Q&A


29 July 2020

‘Hospital breakthrough removes the fear factor’ – The Australian


28 July 2020

Dr Craig French interviewed on CNN by Rosemary Church



26 July 2020

Dr Craig French featuring in Victoria Coronavirus ad campaign posted by ABC


25 July 2020

Dr Forbes McGain interviewed on 7 News re increase in COVID cases


20 July 2020

Footscray Hospital ICU staff in ABC 7.30 feature on COVID care in Intensive Care Units, including use of iso-hoods


19 July 2020

Sunshine Hospital COVID patient Jim Fenech recovers after 101 days in hospital

6 July 2020

Lena Pejcinovski in Star Weekly story on ‘Nurse urges community to play their part’


2 July 2020

Shabnam Tawfi in ABC 7.30 feature on ‘Life in a COVID-19 hot spot’


7 May 2020

‘Celebrating our frontline workers’ – Star Weekly


29 April 2020

Kimberley Haines in The Age articles on how our hospital teams are ‘proning’ COVID patients


9 April 2020

‘Hood of Hope’ article on front page of the Herald Sun


28 March 2020

Russell Harrison interviewed in The Age about COVID-19 preparedness