November 29, 2021

Dear colleagues,

With Victoria having reached the 90 per cent double vaccinated target for people aged 12 and over, the time has come to scale down some of our high-volume vaccination sites.

Scaling down our high-volume vaccination sites

Thanks to the millions of Victorians who got vaccinated to protect themselves and their community, we are now able to start gradually closing some of our high-volume vaccination sites.

Our Wyndham Eagle Stadium sit-down site closed yesterday (Sunday) so that the stadium can once again be used as a recreation facility. The drive-through service will cease on 17 December.

Our Werribee Mercy service currently at St Vincent’s Private Hospital will close on 2 December and our Melbourne Showgrounds site will close on 5 December.

The West Metro COVID-19 Vaccination Program will continue to work closely with Wyndham City Council and may activate a larger site if required to facilitate booster doses or doses for the 5-11 age group once approved.

We’ll continue to provide vaccination services (both sit-down and drive-through) at our Melton site and at sit-down vaccination at Sunshine Hospital with reduced cubicles to match reduced demand. The sites at Melton and Sunshine have the capacity to increase to meet demand for booster doses as required and also to support the vaccination hub’s role in the under 12 age group if approved by ATAGI. Our Outreach Vaccination Service has grown to support hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities, and will continue targeted work across the West Metro region.

First, second, third (immunocompromised) and booster doses are available at all sites whilst they are operating and at participating GPs and pharmacies.

Vaccination webinar recording – how to keep safe in a post-lockdown world

If you missed the recent vaccination webinar and Q&A with Dr Marion Kainer and myself, the recording is now available on our coronavirus microsite. In her presentation, Marion covered the effectiveness of boosters, use of rapid antigen tests, early diagnosis and new treatments, and tools to help reduce your chances of contracting COVID.


Shane Crowe
Executive Director Nursing and Midwifery