Survival Kits for ED

August 24, 2020

Footscray ED staff have been treated to a “Survival Kit” created by NUM Liz Borowik.

The kit includes a range of items, starting with a paper clip “to help hold you together”. There’s a Kit Kat (“because sometimes you need a break”) and a lifesaver too (to remind you of all the times you have been one”).

Leesa Cooke, Workforce Learning and Project Coordinator, was one of the lucky ones outside ED to get a Survival Kit of her own and described it as “the most thoughtful gift”.

“Not only very clever but very sweet.  I love it and I hope the ED staff love it as much as I did,” Leesa said.

Liz said she made these for the team in ED “to keep them going”.

The note attached to each survival kit explains the contents:

“A paperclip…To help hold you together.

A rubber band…to stretch beyond your limits.

A playing card…To help you “deal” with any situation.

A tissue …To wipe away the tears – because it is okay to cry.

A mint…So that you can keep your cool.

A button…To help ‘button’ your lip when emotions run high.

A Kit Kat…Because sometimes you need a break.

A lifesaver…To remind you of all the times you have been one.

A Band-Aid…because in times of need we stick together.

A candle…To light your fire when you are burnt out.

A jigsaw piece…To remind you that you are an important part of this team.

A chocolate kiss…Because you deserve them xoxo.”