Top Tips

How to eat and drink safely at work during COVID

Eating and drinking is now similar to an aseptic procedure!!

  1. Do not eat or drink in clinical/ ward areas or shared office spaces at all – must leave the area. Exceptions for limited spaces in tea rooms adhering to 1.5m distancing requirements.
  2. Go to specific area for eating/drinking (preferably outside)
  3. Stand several meters away from others (minimum 1.5m away)
  4. Clean hands first, remove shield, remove mask by ear elastic only (do not touch front of mask) , dispose of in bin
  5. Clean hands thoroughly
  6. Ensure any surface such as table is clean Р wipe down any surface with WIPES prior to eating
  7. NOW you can eat or drink – REMEMBER you are potentially a risk to others with PPE off so do not get friendly during this time!
  8. When finished – in reverse, wipe down surface, clean hands, new mask on and face shield
  9. Clean hands again