Police recognise hospital staff’s extraordinary service

August 20, 2021

The community spirit is alive and well in Bacchus Marsh, with local members of Victoria Police showing their appreciation to the staff at Bacchus March and Melton Regional Hospital.

On Thursday 5th August, two local police officers delivered a thank you hamper filled with all sorts of goodies to the Bacchus March campus.

The local station took a collection to buy the hamper in order to to recognise someone who had been performing extraordinary service to support the community during COVID outbreaks. The officers said they had immediately thought of the staff at the hospital.

The hamper has been shared with staff providing care across all clinical areas. Well done to all staff at Bacchus Marsh for this well-deserved recognition, and thank you to the local members of Victoria Police for this kind gesture in between their many contributions to the community.

Photo: Rohan Vaughan, Director of Nursing, accepts hamper from Victoria Police at Bacchus Marsh.