September 6, 2021

As the COVID numbers in Victoria continue to rise, I wanted to remind you of the huge amount of work we have done to prepare our health service for any surge. Since we began our COVID planning 18 months ago, many resources have been developed and are available on Western Health’s COVID microsite.

Our guidelines are reviewed regularly in line with Melbourne’s changing circumstances and updated Department of Health advice, so I understand that keeping across this information can be difficult.

Today I wanted highlight some of the key Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), which are well worth reviewing as the current outbreak continues:

This document is the overarching plan for our health service’s COVID response.

While this document is a daily checklist for team leaders, NUMs and MUMS, it’s a valuable resource for all clinical staff about how to keep yourselves and your patients safe.

These are the current visitation guidelines, under the COVID Peak (Black) rating that all Victorian health services are operating under.

Western Health is currently operating four SCOVID wards (two each at Footscray and Sunshine).

This easy-to-use poster outlines the PPE guidelines for each of the COVID risk ratings (we are currently under COVID Peak – Black).

Western Health continues to offer fit testing for clinical staff required to wear P2/N95 masks. If you haven’t been fit-tested for your N95/P2 mask, please make a booking through these links JKWC JKWC1 WCHRESunshine Footscray.

Minimising travel between sites is an important strategy in minimising the spread of COVID-19.

This QRG has plenty of tips for keeping you and your loved ones safe during the pandemic.


Over the next few days and weeks, I will continue to highlight other important QRGs in the operations bulletin.

Finally, please don’t forget to check the Victorian Government’s list of exposure sites at least twice a day. As this list grows, so does the likelihood that you have attended one of these sites.

Thanks for keeping updated.