COVID Operations Bulletin – 12 Feb 2021

February 12, 2021

So it’s Friday and here we go again! That’s what I’m thinking and I expect many of you will feel the same after hearing this afternoon’s decision by the Premier to reintroduce Stage 4 restrictions for a five day period commencing midnight tonight. Here is a link to the Premier’s announcement.

Not only do we know how to do the lockdowns, we also know how important it is to stop the spread before it is too difficult to achieve that, so let’s work through it together.

At Western Health, we will revert to the same range of measures we had in place during the previous period of Stage 4 restrictions.

Across the health service, each team will instigate their plans for Stage 4.

There may need to be a significant change to visitor guidance that comes into place effective tomorrow. We are currently working through that with DHHS and will update the microsite accordingly.

Those of you who were deemed to be able to work from home during the Stage 4 restrictions, are asked to once again work from home during this lockdown period.

Hand hygiene, mask wearing and social distancing must be meticulous across all of our sites and please remember that COVID doesn’t take a break when you do, so be particularly vigilant in break rooms, when we often let our guard down. Remember the outdoors are the safest place to be too.

We know that a number of the close contacts of the most recently diagnosed cases live or work across our region and this means it is even more critical that you come forward for testing and isolate as required. Do not attend work if you have even the very slightest symptoms and please check the exposure sites list at least twice a day. Completion of the attestation is also essential on your days of work.

DHHS is updating its information frequently so keep an eye on these as well. Here is a link to the Victorian Government’s list of ‘circuit breaker restrictions’ 210212 – Table of restrictions (1)

Stay safe until we can stay open again.