Wellness Hubs and Marquee Breakout Spaces

The Wellness & Support Hubs at Footscray (Mavis Mitchell) and Sunshine (Lecture Theatre) are now open for you to come and sit, relax, unwind and switch off.

Sunshine Wellness & Support Hub
Footscray Wellness & Support Hub







The hubs are available for you to have some time away from your work area, to clear your mind or just have a quiet moment.


Sunshine Hospital – Lecture Theatre, WCHRE

Footscray Hospital – Mavis Mitchell Room

Psychologists and Western Health Support Staff:

Western Health Support staff – available daily at Footscray and Sunshine Hubs between 12 – 2.30pm

A Psychologist from Caraniche is available on site at Footscray and Sunshine each week or via Phone: 1800 099 444



Breakout spaces have been installed for staff in a number of locations across Footscray and Sunshine Hospital campuses to better enable physical distancing during break times. Please adhere to the Use of Break Rooms & Rest Area Guidelines to help minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

New marquees at Footscray and Sunshine Hospital campuses are available for staff to use, in addition to existing tea rooms.

Staff are encouraged to take advantage of these facilities within outdoor environments, as the risk of transmission of coronavirus is greatly reduced outdoors.

Sunshine Breakout Space
JKWC Breakout Space
Footscray Breakout Space
Footscray Breakout Space
Footscray Breakout Space










Pictured here: a breakout area within JKWC, marquees in the courtyard at Sunshine and Footscray.







For any other queries in regard to support you need to navigate any challenges you are experiencing, please contact us WellbeingSupport@wh.org.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.