Wellbeing Videos






This section of the site features videos on a range of wellbeing and self care topics to support you to take care of yourself as we navigate through these challenging times together.


Leonie Hall – Maintaining a Positive Workplace during COVID-19 (5:23)
Bryan Jeffrey – Self Care (6:25)







Jo Wintle – Effort Recovery (4:35)
Bryan Jeffrey – Managing Stress (5:41)







Featuring Dr Andy Tagg – WH Emergency Physician (46:22)
Dr Andy Tagg – Emotional Contagion (16:58)







Coping With Patient Death – Support for Western Health Staff (14:05)
Coping With Patient Death – Supporting Patients & their Families (10:32)






University of Melbourne – Wellbeing Symposium
Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, Chief Fire Officer, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (3:19)
By Dr Russ Harris (5:23)