Helpful Apps

In this section you will find information on a varitety of Apps that you may find supportive when you or someone you know is experiencing stress or anxiety.

They can be found on Apple Store & Google Play:


ReachOut Breathe – (free) designed by ReachOut Australia this app was developed to help you reduce the physical systems of stress and anxiety by slowing down your breathing and your heart rate. ReachOut and Breathe helps you to control your breath and measures your heart rate in real-time using the camera on your phone.

ReachOut Worry time – (free) helps you set aside a short window of time for your worrying. When a worrying thought pops up, record it on the app, then go back to your day knowing that you can return to it later. This is a helpful way to track what you are worrying about, so that you can notice patterns and try to address reoccurring themes.

Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM) – (free) SAM can help you better manage anxiety and depression. This free platform will teach you different ways to deal with your feelings by recognizing them and what causes them. Once you identify your personal triggers, SAM’s guidelines and resources prompt you to take action.

Smiling Mind – (free) Mindfulness meditation can be a valuable tool for improving your mental wellbeing. Smiling mind guides you through simple meditation exercises to get you started on your mindfulness journey.


The Checkin – (free) designed by Beyond Blue and Two Bulls to help take the fear out of having a conversation with a friend that might be struggling. The app provides tips and advise from young people who have been through these conversations with friends. It also provides links to a range of online and phone services in Australia.

Headspace – (free) helps with mindfulness meditation and has a series of guided and unguided meditations, and plenty of other relevant content to listen to in your own time and space.


Luminosity – (free) play games that help improve your brain health including your memory, response time and attention. Provides you with an opportunity for effort recovery.


Ten – (free) developed by health professionals for health professionals, provides a single point of entry for self-assessment, information and self-management options to optimise mental health. It provides discrete, self-help pathways to support all frontline workers with COVID-19 specific resources, tools and online programs.

Caraniche at Work – (free) provides easy access to their EAP services , as well as self-guided health and wellbeing tools.



Treat APP – (free) Made for health professionals by health professionals. An app designed to help you find calm, clarity and balance during your busy working day