Urgent advice to staff

May 6, 2020

This afternoon, Wednesday 6 May, Western Health became aware of a number of developments which have led us to provide urgent advice to our staff.

We are now aware of COVID positive cases among staff at two aged care homes within the region we serve. One is at Doutta Galla in Footscray and the other is at Grant Lodge, within the Djerriwarrh Health Service in Bacchus Marsh.

You may also be aware that there is a cluster of COVID cases associated with Cedar Meats in Brooklyn.

As a result of this advice, we are now asking that any staff member who lives with or has close contact with anyone in the following categories, immediately discontinues work and contacts our staff clinic for assistance. You can do this via the switchboard onĀ  8345 6666. This applies to anyone who is a close contact or lives with:

  • workers from Cedar Meats
  • Doutta Galla at Footscray
  • Grant Lodge in Bacchus Marsh

Please discontinue work immediately, contact the staff clinic and we will assist you. We assure you that you have our full support and any staff who are required to discontinue work, will be placed on paid COVID paid leave.



Shane Crowe

Executive Director