Travelling overseas or just returning?

February 17, 2020

If you are a staff member or volunteer and you plan to travel overseas or have recently returned from overseas travel, you are required to contact the dedicated COVID-19 staff enquiry line through the Western Health switchboard – This is is not the number for the Infection Prevention team and needs to be forwarded via the Western Health switchboard on 8345 6666 to seek guidance before returning to work. Please note that the COVID-19 staff enquiry is attended between 7am-5pm on weekdays.

Given the continuing rapidly evolving situation, this broader approach will enable advice to be provided based on the most current status for the location of travel.

Casual employees
If you are an affected casual employee, you are entitled to be absent from the workplace on unpaid leave for any required period of self-isolation.

Australian Government information

The Australian Government has comprehensive information on its SmartTraveller site.