“Something so small can lift our spirits”

April 7, 2020

Footscray theatre nurses

Peri-operative Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lumi Kacic, from Footscray Operating Suite has been in touch to share her experience shopping for PPE, proving that small gestures can have the biggest impact. Here’s Lumi’s story:

I went to Anaconda Hoppers Crossing store to purchase a pair of croc gumboots to wear at work as part as part of my PPE in this current Covid climate. There was a lovely sales assistant there that helped me out with my purchase. We got chatting about life in the Covid world and she asked me what I needed the boots for. I told her that I’m a nurse and I’m “upping my PPE game” as I’m required to look after Covid patients. Gumboots are great as they have no holes and can be wiped down easily.

I made the purchase and proceeded to head out of the store. The lovely assistant called me back and said to me “See that wall of lollies, grab as many as you like and share it at work….. As a thank you for everything you guys do for us and community. We appreciate it, you guys are great!”

I was so touched and as it was it was after my night shift (easily emotional and flustered), I teared up and I replied “thank you so much, it means a lot”. A month ago, I would have given her a hug from us all, but today we can’t. The sales assistant said I can take more and insisted on giving me other unwrapped lollies like snakes. But I had to explain to her that unfortunately, we no longer share food (and we all know how much nurses love to share food), so I picked a couple of bags of wrapped lollies. I felt bad to take more bags.

Attached are pictures of some of the wonderful theatre nurses at Footscray with the two bags of lollies.

In theatre, we are forgotten faces or even unknown faces, patients often have no idea that we are an amazing team of nurses, doctors, technicians and PSA’s, working together to provide best care to patients and each other. These lollies mean so much to us, coming from outside of the theatre doors, it’s rare. In this case, from a total stranger.

So, under these masks we are beaming with smiles and gratitude, while trying to maintain social distancing (unfortunately we can’t move walls).

Something so small can lift our spirits.

Hand on heart, many thanks to Anaconda Hoppers Crossing.

Hope this story puts a smile on your dial. ​

Lumi Kacic,  Clinical Nurse Specialist