July 9, 2021


As Victoria’s welcome run of no new positive cases continues, the COVID Risk Level guiding all metropolitan health services, including Western Health, has been downgraded from COVID Active (Red) to COVID Alert (Amber). This rating system helps health services assess the risk of COVID, and guides decisions around important topics such as the use of PPE and visitor restrictions.

Under the changes, the following guidelines now apply at Western Health:

  • Staff are now permitted to move and work across our sites, but should limit movement to a maximum of two sites per day – unless necessary as part of their clinical role. All staff must complete the Daily Staff Symptom Check and Attendance log before beginning work at each site.
  • Face masks must still be worn in all patient-facing and shared public areas, such as corridors, waiting areas and lifts. However, masks are no longer required in non-clinical areas such as private offices or other non-public areas.
  • PPE in clinical areas should be worn according to the PPE guidelines for COVID Alert. Staff may continue to wear higher levels of PPE if that is their preference.
  • All staff who have travelled interstate to current Red or Orange zones, as classified by the Victorian Travel Permit System, in the last 14 days are required to contact whscovid-19staffclinicenquiries@wh.org.au for an individual risk assessment before returning to work. This is an important process, implemented to keep Western Health staff, patients and visitors safe. Everyone is assessed according to individual circumstances. Thank you for your patience with this process.



As of today, all Victorian healthcare workers are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine, regardless of age. Bookings should be made via the Victorian Government’s 1800 675 398 booking hotline. From early next week, healthcare staff who previously weren’t eligible for Pfizer will also be able to make their appointment using the online booking system.


Thanks for reading today’s bulletin.

While the situation in Victoria is currently very promising, please remember to remain vigilant to protect everything we have achieved so far.



Lebe Malkoun

Acting Executive Director Operations