October 26, 2021

Early identification of COVID-19 is important to protect our families, colleagues and patients. Surveillance testing can help identify those who may be infected but are not showing symptoms. Western Health’s Asymptomatic Testing Program of asymptomatic workers is targeted to ensure that any potential cases are identified early.

We have become aware of a number of recent cases of COVID-19 at both Sunshine and Footscray Hospitals. This is not unexpected given the high case numbers we have seen in recent weeks and therefore high numbers within the community.

The following areas have reported cases in both patients and staff; Footscray Hospital Ward 3B, Sunshine Hospital Wards GC-DMU, Ward 2A and Level 1 Rehab. DMU remains closed to admissions at this present time.

All staff who have worked in the areas listed below are strongly recommended to have a COVID-19 test and enrol in the Asymptomatic Testing Program offered by Western Health, in line with Department of Health requirements.

  • Footscray Ward 3B: 20 October – 23 October
  • Sunshine Ward GC: 17 October – 18 October
  • Sunshine Ward GC DMU: 18 October – 21 October
  • Sunshine Ward 2A: 17 October – 22 October
  • Sunshine Level 1 Rehab: 23 October
  • Sunshine Hospital Main Cafeteria: 23 October (between 9.30am-10.00am and 1.30am-2.00pm)

The Contact Tracing Team will directly contact staff who have been identified as potential close contacts. All other staff (clinical and non-clinical) who have not been contacted directly by the contact tracers are able to continue to work and take the following actions:

  1. Get tested even if you are well. Asymptomatic testing is available at the Sunshine Hospital COVID Testing Clinic, open from 7am – 5.30pm daily or Footscray Hospital Private Consulting Rooms open 7.15am -4pm
  2. Continue to work wearing an N95 mask and eye protection

We are aware that wearing PPE and adhering to physical distancing guidelines can be challenging for all of us, however a reminder that in all clinical areas of Western Health we are requesting staff wear a P2/N95 mask and eye protection – preferably a face shield.

A reminder for any staff with COVID symptoms, no matter how mild, please

  • Do not attend work
  • Immediately isolate
  • Attend Sunshine Hospital COVID testing Clinic, which is open 9am – 5.30pm every day.


Thanks for keeping updated.