July 15, 2021

I would like to start by acknowledging the impact of the news of the situation in Victoria is having on many of us. The situation is changing rapidly and many of you have reflected how ‘over it’ you are in relation to COVID, lockdowns, restrictions etc. I know for many of you with friends and relatives overseas there is another layer of impact again. Please reach out for support to friends, colleagues and our employee assistance services as and when is right for you.

In line with the changing situation and emerging risk, Western Health’s COVID Risk Rating has today returned to COVID Active (Red). This means that the following restrictions have been reinstated across all our sites:



All meetings and gatherings between staff should be held virtually, whenever possible. Face-to-face contact should only occur when essential. In-person contact should be limited to activities that directly contribute to patient care and cannot be conducted virtually.  Limit the number of staff present in a single area as much as possible.

Please sign in and out of all meeting rooms and tea rooms. This really helps with contact tracing if required.

The density quotient will remain at 1 person per 4m2.



In line with our COVID Active status, movement across sites is now restricted to one site.



Face-to-face education sessions are only permitted for mandatory training requirements or for practical clinical skills



Telehealth is recommended for all outpatient appointments, where possible.  Therapy groups for inpatients, outpatients, community-based rehab and hydrotherapy will be suspended under the current COVID risk level of COVID Active.



Visitors will be restricted to two visitors, per day, for two hours in inpatient areas unless an exemption is granted.  Please see the visitation guidance for specific details.



All staff must comply with the PPE guidelines that apply under the COVID Active Red Risk Rating. This includes the requirement for all staff to wear surgical masks, unless alone in an office with a closed door.

For more details, see the PPE section of the COVID microsite.



It’s vital we all check the Victorian Government’s list of exposure sites at least twice a day. Not only are new sites being continually added, but the tier status of existing exposure sites can also change.

If you have been to one of the listed exposure sites, please contact our COVID Staff Enquiries at whscovid-19staffclinicenquiries@wh.org.au

Note: if your child attends Bacchus Marsh Secondary College, please contact COVID Staff Enquiries. Unless you have been otherwise instructed by Department of Health, you can attend work however we do request you present for an asymptomatic test following your shift.



A reminder that all Western Health are now eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine. Make your booking here.


Thanks for keeping updated, everyone.