August 12, 2020

As you’re no doubt aware, we’re experiencing high demand across many areas of Western Health at the moment. I want to thank you all for your commitment to our patients and communities as you contend with heavy workloads during this difficult period. In just one of countless examples across the organisation, I’m aware that several nurse unit managers have been covering additional clinical shifts in recent days to support their teams. This kind of present, hands-on leadership is an excellent example of the way we do things at Western Health.
During this pandemic so far, 125 Western Health staff have tested positive to COVID-19. Currently, 95 staff members remain on COVID-19 leave and 30 have returned to work. Within the group of 125 staff members, all groups of employees at Western Health are represented. This includes clinical and non clinical staff working across a variety of areas and sites. Some staff acquired COVID 19 in the community, some at work and some we simply don’t know. Again, I encourage you to look at a new document loaded onto the microsite – “everyday things we need to do differently” – for some great hints and tips on minimising your risk.
From today, I will also be including a list of wards or areas that are closed to admissions and/or discharges secondary to advice from Infectious Diseases. This will be in the COVID Daily Summary section of my bulletin. I’d like to reassure you that throughout the pandemic, Western Health has maintained a very proactive approach to investigating potential clusters of identified cases. With the expert advice of our Infection Prevention/ Infectious Diseases team, the following areas are currently closed to admissions: 1 West Footscray, Ward 3B Footscray and Hazeldean Transition Care Program.

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COVID-19 Daily Summary

• Number of Respiratory Assessment Clinic presentations yesterday – all sites: 484
• Numbers of confirmed COVID-19 inpatients: 85
• Wards/areas closed: 1 West Footscray; 3B Footscray; Hazeldean

COVID-19 Staff Enquiries Helpdesk

A reminder that Western Health has a dedicated COVID-19 Staff Enquiries Helpdesk. Staff can email or call the Helpdesk directly with questions about the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, exposures to COVID-19 in the community or home, testing criteria, clinic information and results. Managers can also contact the Helpdesk to seek advice about COVID-related matters impacting their staff. Staff confidentiality is assured.
Contact information: Email is recommended as the first point of contact where possible. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours. Email address: whscovid-19staffclinicenquiries@wh.org.au
Telephone contact: via Switch 8345 6666, choose option 1 for COVID – then request Staff Enquiries Helpdesk.

Keeping Safe at Work

The Keeping Safe At Work QRG is an important resource, providing advice to staff about staff movements across sites, maintaining physical distancing and the set-up of office spaces.

Contacting the PPE team

If you have any questions about PPE, or if you would like to request new face shields or goggles, please contact our PPE Team.

Working from home

While it is not possible for many of our staff to work from home, as an organisation we need to be looking for all opportunities where staff can effectively work from home to work from home.
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