MAC and Birthing’s attitude of gratitude

September 3, 2020

Staff in MAC and birthing at JKWC are practising gratitude with “Words of gratitude” jars.

The jars were an initiative of Maëlly Bellm, Associate Midwifery Unit Manager, Birthing / Maternity Assessment Centre who is trying to include everyone from ward clerks to PSAs and doctors.

Maëlly encourages everyone to put in anything positive that they wish. She personally gives out the notes from the jars which mention staff by name.

“Don’t forget that you are all an amazing team and appreciated. Keep up the good work!” Maëlly said.

In the past few months, the jars have been filled several times over. Many of the notes have expressed gratitude for the awesome and cohesive team they work in and for assistance and debriefing they have received at work.

The notes have also focussed on specific actions staff are grateful for, such as a colleague bringing them a coffee, relieving them for a break and attending to a patient. There has also been notes showing thanks for a particular ANUMs hallway dancing, but we won’t say who!