Keep smiling, keep shining!

October 28, 2020

An initiative implemented by the Psychology team at Western Health to ensure patients can see the comforting smiles of clinicians even while wearing PPE is being broadened to include other Allied Health staff.

The Psychology Smile initiative started in early September with the Psychology team wearing ‘Photo Buttons’ – photo badges to show the comforting smiles of clinicians to put their patients at ease.

Psychologists across Western Health undertake important work in supporting our patients’ wellbeing, be it patients experiencing anxiety and depression, loneliness, or changes in their cognition.

A hospital stay can be a particularly stressful time, and unfortunately PPE can disguise the sometimes important non-verbal reassurances that we give our patients in these difficult, and often challenging times in their lives, explained Dr Diana Perre, Allied Health Manager, Psychology.

“The badges continue to be worn proudly by our Psychologists – and have received ongoing continued positive support,” said Diana.

It just goes to show, there’s nothing like a smile!