“Heroes of the story”

May 26, 2020

Pictured L-R: Daniel Pandolfo, Electrician and Tiruman Muktar, Maintenance Operator.

The Engineering Services team were commended by members of the Executive team for their proactive and crucial role in identifying and actioning safety and hygiene improvements early in the COVID response at Western Health.

After beginning the process of installing more than 50 sneeze guards, Suellen Bruce, Executive Director of People, Culture and Communications recognised their role in facilitating this large undertaking.

“We were busy trying to see if we could get suppliers to install sneeze screens and during the process found out that engineering had already started to build and install,” Suellen said.
Suellen expressed her gratitude by describing the situation as “the best outcome/news I have had all week.”

The sneeze guards were installed in all locations where dedicated members of staff were interacting with members of the public such as in reception and triage areas.

The engineering team took advantage of the downturn in visitors by doing a variety of public facing work which is normally harder to schedule.

Luke Saliba, Project Manager of Engineering Services, described his team as the “Heroes of the story,” and noted that his team, which also includes caretakers and cleaners, are often abreast of all the happenings across the organisation.

During the COVID response, Luke described how the team identified many areas of improvement within the organisation in order to ensure best duty of care and were very responsive to the fluid nature of the current environment.