Expert video demonstration of N95 mask application

March 5, 2020

In this video, our colleagues at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the US provide an excellent demonstration of the critical safety steps involved in correctly donning and doffing an N95 disposable filtering facepiece respirator, and how to perform a seal check prior to providing patient care in any setting.

They also show the most common mistakes made when placing the straps on your head.

In the early phases of a novel infection, airborne protection is commonly used. In order to protect first responders and healthcare providers from exposure to airborne and novel pathogens, the correct use of an N95 respirator is an important first step.

Whilst Western Health may use different P2/N95 respirator masks to the ones in the video this is more to demonstrate the principles of the required ‘fit checking’ technique. With the Government stock pile of masks we will not know which mask will be provided to us. Therefore it is important to learn the correct ‘fit checking’ technique principles so we can adapt to any respirator mask provided.


Learning Objectives

After completing this module you will be able to:

  • Correctly don an N95 disposable filtering facepiece respirator
  • Identify misplacement of straps after donning an N95 disposable filtering facepiece respirator
  • Correctly doff an N95 disposable filtering facepiece respirator