PPE for Doctors

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is our first line protection against transmission to healthcare workers and the key to keeping ourselves and families safe – thus it must remain your number one priority. You have our full support to prioritise your own safety and to correctly use PPE in a manner consistent with the most recent guidance.

1. Donning and doffing

Correct donning and doffing of PPE is critical.

Please contact members of staff from the Medical Education Unit (email meu@wh.org.au) if you would like to organise a PPE teaching session.

Refer to the following poster on correct donning and doffing of PPE:

PPE Donning & Doffing

2. Correct Usage
Click here to view microsite information on correct use of PPE.

3. Medical Emergency
As you all know, D for Danger comes before A for Airway (DR ABC) – make sure you take your time to don your PPE correctly first, even if a patient has arrested in front of you.
This video highlights several key areas:
• The importance of assigning roles early so you can prioritise who to don PPE first
• Using a ‘spotter’ to ensure correct technique of donning PPE
• Using a ‘bouncer’ to aid crowd control and limit numbers

4. Other Infection Prevention Strategies
As well as PPE there are many other highly effective infection prevention strategies. The virus can stick to surfaces for many days, so the Medical Education Unit have produced COVID-19 – Reducing the Spread


Please go the PPE section  of this site for more information.