April 17, 2020

As we come to the end of another week I wanted to reflect and say thank you to the efforts of all staff across all sites and all roles in supporting Western Health preparations for COVID-19.

Over the last three months we have seen:

  • All sites at Western Health have reviewed their models of care and enacted appropriate plans quickly to support our staff and patients. This includes both our larger and smaller sites, including emergency, inpatient and ambulatory settings.
  • Departments and staff groups across all areas have also reviewed their practise. This is across both clinical and non-clinical areas.
  • We have introduced new services and technology, such as telehealth.
  • We have supported each other and coped with major change in short timeframes. Sometimes we haven’t got it right first time and have had to change tack, but you have all been patient and supportive as we have modified our processes and recommendations along the way.

This has all happened quickly and what I have observed is the typical Western Health way – staff helping each other, working across professional groups and silos to simply do what will support best care for our community and each other.

Thank you.




Covid-19 Daily Summary

• Respiratory Assessment Clinic presentations yesterday: 91
• Numbers of individuals tested for COVID-19 at Western Health to date: 4270
• Numbers of individuals tested positive to date: 73
• Numbers of current inpatients with COVID-19: 3

Mock scenario training

Yesterday during Command Centre the Incident Management Team worked through a mock scenario around ICU demand and expansion. This involved working through the checklists under our Surge Management Plan, covering the four key areas of Logistics, Operations, Workforce, and Quality and Safety.

This complex mock scenario was handled successfully and was just one of a series we’re conducting across our organisation as part of our COVID-19 readiness planning.

Next week, the aged care liaison team will be working through a mock scenario involving a COVID outbreak in a local residential care facility.

Shortage of Alaris pumps

We are experiencing a shortage of Alaris Pumps within the Clinical Equipment Library (CEL). Given the reduction in inpatient activity we should have more than enough to support current demands.

We request that all wards check if they have any pumps on the ward and please return them to the CEL. Please be assured that we have sufficient pumps on order to support an increase in demand but in the interim when not using we would ask that you please return to CEL for distribution to support all areas.

Appropriate use of scrubs

Western Health-issue scrubs are in limited supply. We would like to remind staff that if you do not normally wear scrubs, it is not necessary to start doing so now.

For staff who do need to wear scrubs, we ask that you only take one pair at a time, and that you return them for laundering promptly.

For those not working in high risk areas, you can purchase your own scrubs.

Please look up Stay Safe – Work Clothes in the Quick Reference Guides section of our coronavirus microsite.