CSSD appreciate exec comms

May 15, 2020

CSSD Thank You

CSSD staff at Sunshine say a big THANK YOU to the executive team and everyone involved in keeping them informed.

Mohamed Hussein, Instrument Technician Manager at Sunshine sent a message of appreciation to Natasha Toohey, Executive Director, Operations last week.

“Thank you so much for the prompt, clear and valuable updates and information we receive from you and the executive team. I admire and value those updates as well as my colleagues,” Mohamed wrote.

Mohamed, or Mo as he is affectionately known, commenced at Western Health earlier this year after working at many other organisations, in both the public and private sectors. He describes not having found an environment as “professional, well organised, supportive and well-structured” as Western Health.

“I am proud to be working here and wish I joined Western Health many years ago” Mo said.

In meeting Mo and the CSSD team, it is clear their positivity radiates through their important work and their team culture. Thank you for sharing your appreciation and making this joyous banner.

The CSSD staff pictured L-R (back row): Nancy, Mo, Brijma, (front) Vilma, Olga, Cristina, Jenny, Lorna and Luel.