Covid Messages from Russell


October 27, 2020

Today is a day for celebration I think for all of us. It is a moment when we can breathe – at least for a moment – a sigh of relief.

As Victoria commences its move back to a single state with COVID normal life returning to Metro Melbourne, it feels like “we got there”.

You have all played an incredibly important part in helping our city and our state, both at work and out of work, be able to get that curve all the way back down.

You have all worked tirelessly in so many different and unique ways enduring the greatest impacts I would say that any health service in the country has faced.

You have planned and forecast, been redeployed overnight and learnt how to create things you never knew had to exist but turned out were necessary to keep us safe! You found out where the loading dock was and, for some, far more detail about PPE than you ever wanted to know!

You have adapted to endless challenges in addition to how to unmute the volume on Zoom and how to frame the camera so you are not sideways on the screen. Small but valuable lessons!

Here at Western Health we know more than any other Australian health service just how tough this pandemic can get and many of you have experienced trauma and loss up close, time and time again, when there were no patient family members there to share the grief with a loved one.

Every time you wear your mask, your eye protection and all your PPE, wear it with the pride of knowing it is the shield between you, your patients, your work mates and your family. Wear it with the determination to continue to fight this virus and not leave a single gap for it to exploit.

Now while we continue to remain vigilant and completely committed to the highest level of safety and protection of ourselves and each other, I hope you will also finally have a chance to enjoy the freedom you have helped achieve and see family members and friends again.

Thank you to a truly exceptional – not just essential – team.

Stay safe,