Covid Messages from Russell

COVID Messages from Russell – 9 April

April 9, 2020

Today we are releasing a critically important document confirming our current stance on PPE. (You can click here to see the document but note that PPE guidelines are always kept under P in the Quick Reference Guides.)

The latest version of our Western Health PPE Guideline is a culmination of best practice evidence and advice from our clinical experts and senior leaders. It has been designed to be easy to follow and apply in your local areas. In some cases, there is a departure from current practice, however the team has worked hard to balance our priority to keep our staff safe with reducing unnecessary use of our precious PPE stocks in the midst of a global shortage.

This guideline provides the only official direction on PPE guidance across all of Western Health. If any staff need clarification of applying these guidelines in your local area, please speak with your line manager who can direct queries to the PPE Clinical Taskforce, which has been set up and includes some of our most senior clinical staff, infectious diseases and infection control experts.  This group has endorsed the new guidelines.

I am asking that you take the time to read through and understand this and share with your colleagues and teams. Later we will also publish brief tip sheets for staff who do not need such a level of detail.

It is absolutely essential that we all take care to follow these new measures closely in order to make the best use of our available PPE – we must make these changes now when the risk is lower, so we have the protective equipment we need as the risk increases.

Western Health’s clinician leads innovation efforts

It was fantastic to see that the efforts of one of our senior clinicians to fight the coronavirus with innovation, received due recognition today with a front page exclusive in the Herald Sun. Associate Professor Forbes McGain has a solid track record in coming up with innovative solutions for all kinds of challenges, but this one could be the greatest!

We have published the article within the microsite, so please click here to read Hope under the Hood.

Innovation Idea

Seeing the work Forbes has done and judging by the range of ideas bouncing into Inboxes around the network, many staff across our organisation have very creative minds. I am asking that you submit your ideas for how we could take innovative responses during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. A special email address: been set up for this. Let’s hear your ideas!

The Unifying Call

Today we are releasing the first two episodes of a new podcast presented by Western Health.

This is a new way for us to share with you some of the thoughts and experience of the leaders in the organisation – both clinical and non-clinical – who are playing a key role in helping us all prepare and respond to the COVID crisis.

Two episodes of The Unifying Call are now available.

Episode 1 is a fascinating discussion with Dr Marion Kainer, our Head of Unit for Infectious Diseases. Marion was at the forefront in the SARS outbreak in the United States and now she is at the forefront of our response here at Western Health. We are very fortunate that she joined us in October 2019 after a determined campaign by Clinical Services Director Dr Garry Lane, to convince her to do so!

Episode 2 is a discussion with the Acting Clinical Services Director for the Women’s and Children’s Division, Dr Rupert Sherwood, who worked with his fellow Clinical Services Directors here at Western Health, to develop a statement of unity and leadership for the medical workforce in the face of COVID-19.

Episode 3 will be available early next week and will feature Joyce Dalde, Nurse Unit Manager of our first COVID ward – 3F at Sunshine and her experience of this. You won’t want to miss that.

You might like to listen on your commute to or from work.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio and a number of other platforms or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Happy Easter

Our community’s generous support for healthcare workers has continued unabated and this time it was Easter eggs – 6500 of them –donated to our staff by Darrell Lea! Such a lovely gesture on their part. The Easter eggs are making their way around our campuses for distribution! Many of you will have received one on your way to or from work this morning but don’t worry if you missed out as there are a number of other delivery channels.

This is probably the most unusual Easter period that any of us have ever encountered but I hope you all manage to enjoy yourself and have some downtime and a big thank you to those who will be working this Easter. Please stay safe and have a Happy Easter!