Covid Messages from Russell

COVID Messages from Russell – 25 August

August 25, 2020

I think it is time to have a refresh and take a little different approach  to how I and we communicate the critical safety messages related to our use of PPE during COVID and staying safe in our workplace during this time.

Coronavirus is an invisible enemy but there are some ways we can visualise the virus. Today I am releasing a video based on an experiment performed in 3F Sunshine overnight by their evening and night shift crew, with graduate nurse Gabrielle Byrnes volunteering to do the experiment with ‘glow germs’.

Using a fluorescent powder mimicking virus, this experiment involves using a ‘contaminated’ mask and then illustrates self-contamination through inappropriate touching of the mask, with the ‘virus’ spread visible under UV light. Please make sure you take 48 seconds to view this video and thank you to the team in 3F for your cooperation. And great idea Click on the image below to view Lighting Up the Virus.

From tomorrow you will also see a new look component of the coronavirus site where you will be able to go for all things PPE and related materials.

Knowing the quality of the staf IT skills and fun factor we are also introducing a Memes Challenge.

Meme Challenge

Can a meme help keep you safe? Or is it simply a fun way we can reflect on the time we are living through? I Hope it could be both?

We are looking for staff (individuals or teams) to join the meme challenge by putting forward memes in any or all of these three categories:

–          PPE

–          Keeping yourself safe (eg cleaning frequently touched surfaces, not sharing food or eating in clinical areas)

–          Surviving COVID (how we’re adapting to the changes in our lives).

Original content tailored to your work area, profession or Western Health more broadly will be looked upon favourably, however memes are meant to be shared so borrowed content (with appropriate acknowledgement where possible) will be accepted.

However you choose to create your meme, please be safe at all times (wear the correct PPE, maintain social distance, follow organisational guidelines) and memes must be respectful of our values. Also in addition to memes, we will accept similar items such as cartoons or GIFs.

Here’s one Suellen Bruce says is her favourite so far in the pandemic:


Memes will be shared on Western Health’s communication channels, such as the Coronavirus microsite with the intention of supporting each other to work through this time safely. Email to the Public Affairs team (

Judges include Paree Rahman, Pharmacist who was dubbed Queen of Memes in the first episode of the Kindness Matters podcast after quoting several memes in the space of a few minutes.

“2019 was all about being positive. 2020 is all about being negative.”

“Watching the federal government deal with coronavirus is like watching the Ministry of Magic deal with Voldemort coming back in Harry Potter.”*

There will be some ‘virtual’ prizes and of course, there is always the honour and glory for those involved! We will have a separate post on the coronavirus site soon about this, but for now – get those creative minds going!

I hear that I have been dobbed in as a judge too so I look forward to seeing these coming in!