COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring Platform trial

April 23, 2020


Staff working in a number of specific clinical areas have received an email inviting them to join a two-week trial of a new digital initiative, the Western Health COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring Platform.

Staff who choose to sign up to this initiative will be prompted twice a day to complete a short survey which involves temperature recording and assessing other COVID-19 symptoms.  These responses enable automated targeted information specific to the individual to be delivered in real time to assist the person to make informed decisions regarding their health and next steps such as, being tested if they have not done so already and reporting to the ED if they are very unwell.

The trial and its results will be monitored by the COVID-19 Response Team which is led by our Head of Infectious Diseases, Dr Marion Kainer.

Staff from the following areas have been invited to participate in this trial:

  • Infectious Diseases team
  • Respiratory Assessment Clinic Staff
  • Clerical Workforce
  • Wards 2D, 2C, 3F
  • ICU
  • ED
  • Respiratory Team
  • Infection Prevention Team
  • PSAs
  • General Internal Medicine
  • ACE

If you are working in one of these areas and have not received an email inviting you to join the trial, or if you would like further information please email the team at or call 8345 7588.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this require from me?

We expect this will only take you 1-2 minutes to complete each day.


Who will see the information that I provide?

The information you enter will remain fully confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the COVID-19 Response Team without your permission.  All data you provide is only used for the purposes of caring for our staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What are the purposes of this trial?

This trial will evaluate the feasibility of a digital platform that will enable us to monitor the symptoms and exposures of staff and patients, to identify risk factors and triggers for early screening of COVID-19 and indications for quarantine and clinical escalation. We are also evaluating if it can also be used to notify when a person’s quarantine period ends to determine if they can return to work safely.