Covid Messages from Russell

CEO update – staff attestations

June 28, 2021

The evolving situation across Australia provides a timely reminder that it is mandatory for all staff to complete the daily attestation survey. It is a legal requirement of the health service and a legal obligation for each staff member coming to work in a health service.

I would like to remind all staff that the attestation survey should be completed PRIOR to arriving at work, or PRIOR to entering each campus if travel between sites is unavoidable within a shift.

The online attestation survey can be accessed two ways:

  • By entering this web address on a smartphone/tablet or computer.
  • By scanning this unique Western Health QR code using your smartphone.
    This code is available at workplace / hospital entrance points, and will take you directly to the survey.

In the coming days, staff will be required to show they have completed the attestation at the main hospital entrances prior to entry. For those staff without a smart phone, tablets will be made available at entry points for staff to use to complete the attestation survey.

Managers are expected to review staff completion via the MaP dashboards and follow up with staff who are on site and haven’t completed the attestation. This can be accessed via the intranet home page by selecting MaP from the Quick links Menu and then selecting: MaP 2.0 > Workforce > COVID-19 Staff Attestation. Managers will only be able to view the data of staff within their cost centre.

Further information about the attestation can be found via the FAQ Daily Staff Symptom Check.



Natasha Toohey

Acting Chief Executive Officer