Clinical Tools, Guidelines and Discipline Resources for Allied Health Therapies

Rapid Allied Health @ Home

​​The Rapid Allied Health (RAH) @ Home service aims to prevent avoidable presentations to ED and hospital by providing rapid, short term Allied Health intervention.

RAH accepts referrals from (but not limited to): Emergency Department Care Coordinators, Internal WH wards, External Hospitals, General Practitioners, Medical specialists, and Ambulance Victoria.​

RAH provides intervention targeting immediate safety and function:

  • Urgent referrals seen within 4 hours
  • Equipment prescription
  • Carer training
  • Work closely with other @Home teams

PAC type referrals / gap fill

  • Typically seen within 2-5 days post discharge
  • Short term, goal based rehabilitation for up to 4 sessions

(in COVID-19 Peak this is limited to 2 sessions)

Care is provided via a combination of face to face care and telehealth intervention as indicated.

Our team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Work and Allied Health Assistants.​

Referrals via Bossnet Community Services Referral or call to discuss the referral with the Rapid Allied Team on: 8395 9123


Discipline specific resources and links

Occupational Therapy



Please review the physiotherapy training available which has been adapted specifically for COVID 19 on WeLearn

The link to our rolling COVID resources document can be found on the S drive at the below address (please copy and paste this file address)

S:\Allied Health\COVID-19\Resources for staff\PHYSIO COVID related resources and training.docx

For information on clinical practice guidelines for physiotherapy please contact Western Health Physiotherapy Manager:

Physiotherapists during COVID-19: usual business, in unusual times Editorial in Journal of physiotherapy by WH Senior Physiotherapist Kimberly Haines


Speech Therapy / Audiology

Covid-19 Service delivery and procedural considerations for speech pathologists @Michelle Cimoli March 24, 2020

Audiology Australia has regular updates on Covid-19 specific to Audiology


Nutrition / Dietetics

UK clinical guidance statements on The Association of UK Dietitians website

The Australian guidelines for Nutrition Management for COVID-19 Patients endorsed by Australasian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (AuSPEN).



Webpage on Covid-19 from Australian Psychology Society



Management of the diabetic foot from diabetic foot Australia

Australian Podiatry Association Covid-19 information

International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot – Guidelines


Open access to COVID-19 resources available via the  Cochrane Collaboration