A message from the Western Health Board

March 8, 2021

While attending Sunshine Hospital for a Meeting on Friday 5 March, Members of the Western Health Board took the opportunity to visit the Vaccination Hub developed in the ground floor of the multi-deck car park.

While having been kept up-to-date by CEO Russell Harrison on the development of the site and the Vaccination Hub being managed by Western Health’s for the western region, the Board Members were keen to see what the centre of vaccination activity at Sunshine Hospital looked like in person.

Donald Johnson, Sunshine Vaccination Hub Nurse Unit Manager took Board Members on a tour of the Hub and talked, along with Shane Crowe and Russell Harrison on the vaccination process.

The Board Members were very appreciative of the opportunity to visit the Hub, with Robyn Batten (Board Chair), providing the following message:

“The WH Board visited the Sunshine Vaccination Hub last Friday.  Establishing a large, complex health service delivery facility in only a few weeks is an amazing  achievement! 

The Board is deeply impressed, by the commitment, capability and sheer hard work of the team, which involved just about all departments.

Your ongoing contributions to the health and safety of the people of the West, and in this case far beyond are greatly appreciated by the Board. 

The fact that Western Health was chosen as one of the 3 Melbourne hubs is a great acknowledgement that we are seen as a Health Service which is capable of going the extra mile to deliver what is needed, even when the ask seems impossible! 

We hope all Western Health staff receive their vaccinations as soon as possible; your safety is our priority.

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved”.